Dr. Godfrey E. McAllister is the consummate motivational speaker with almost 40 years of experience.  He claimed his right to the spotlight as a record-breaking Top of the Table Million Dollar Round Table salesman. But that spotlight ushered him into the world of Motivational Speaking as he inspired thousands of Insurance Salespersons throughout the Caribbean.

But it was arguably veteran broadcaster Ian Boyne’s Television Profile that brought him national notoriety. And he has never looked back. He brings to the table almost seven decades of wide and varied experiences, exposures and training. He communicates with empathy, excellence and effectiveness, that he credits entirely to his God-given talents and gifts. The only difference is that “then” he spoke for free. “Now” he speaks for a fee. But the speech remains the same.

Doctor Perspective’s popular topics include “To Be or Not To Be, Sucker or Suckee”, “Seven Secrets of Successful Selling”; “Rise from Your Slump and Succeed”, and “Empower Your Perspective”.

But don’t feel left out, Dr. McAllister is famous for his ability to address almost any theme or subject in his animated presentations.

When you book Dr. McAllister either as a Seminar or Workshop Trainer, or as your Keynote speaker, you will be retaining a professional Sales Consultant, Consumer Advocate, Guidance Counsellor, Videographer, Resolution Specialist, Television Show Host. Schedule your free consultation today and book Dr. Godfrey “Doctor Perspective” McAllister to join you at your next event,

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