The fundamental laws on which this universe is built include “cause and effect”. Every effect has a cause and every action has a consequential reaction. Ultimately, the enquiring mind must ask, “What caused the first effect when it was still a cause?”  At this point, Evolutionist scratch their heads. Christians answer, “God”.

It is debatable as to whether or not God micromanages every detailed cause and effect, or if He simply allows His universal laws to run their course. And even this becomes a moot point when we consider that it is the eternal divine energy of God that activated the first generation “cause” and “effect”, and that has rippled through innumerable amount of downline generations of causes and effects.

Today, you and I are at the same time, both a cause and an effect. We were caused by an effect. But we can also affect a cause. Let us align ourselves with the ultimate Cause of this universe to cause a positive effect on those around us in the space assigned to us in this universe.