Every time little Johnny kicked a ball, he announced that he had scored a goal. That is because there were never any goal posts. We know better. Goals have to be futuristic, specific, identifiable, measurable, time-sensitive and rewarding. We increase our chances of attaining our goals when they can be incremented into long, medium, short and imminent targets. We are all familiar with the New Year’s Resolutions syndrome. Those can hardly if ever be called goals. You must have a vested interest in the attainment of your goal. You must stand to lose something if your goal is not attained.  Neither your “want”, nor your “wish”, nor your “like”, but your desire must fuel the pursuit of your goals. Anything less will result in your being marooned in the morass of mediocrity.

Make your goals bigger than you are today. It is better to aim and miss a big goal than to have no goal and score. Regardless of the outcome, keep on kicking. “E” for effort will soon transcend into “E” for excellence.