The purpose of t his question is to determine whether you are sharing your roof with another homeowner above you in a multi-storey building. If you do, there could be a problem ensuring that there is enough roof space to accommodate two systems, in the event that your neighbor also needs one.
Your email address and telephone number will neither be sold or shared with anyone not directly related to this Solarize to Economize project... It will be used by Godfrey McAllister (Doctor Perspective) to send information communicate with you on any of my products or services in which you have expressed an interest.
Joining our WhatsApp group puts you in touch with other Solar Enrgy owners and Enquirers. Any community that centers on a good cause is helpful for sharimng experiences, getting quick relevant answers from others who may be haing the same issues, and just plain helping each other. If you choose to join oir community, please sjhare your number below. You do not have to use your legal name. You may choose any platform "handle" you like. Please make it either neutral or motivational. If someone has already selected your preferred name, we will add a numeral behind your chosen name. You may change it at any time.
Solarizing your home is a long-term investment and could be supported by a warranty of as much as 25 years. Assuming that you install yourSolar System on top your roof, you do not want to be removing it in a few years in order to repair your roof. It would be wise to do all necessary roof repairs before installing the Syetem. Before installation, our engineers will inspect the intgrigty of your roof.
If your home is managed, governed or in any way directly or indirectly controlled by a Home Owners Association, it is very likely that permission will have to be obtained from the Association before your Solar System can be installed. We will definitely be helping with this process and will need to be in contact with your Home Owners Association.
If you qualify for Solarize to Economize, it is unlikely that you will have to pay any significant amount of money out-of-pocket. Almpost 100% of the subsidized cost of your Solar system will be funded by loans that we will negotiate for y0u on the best markeyt terms availabloe. The lender will ask for your Credit score and will do a "SOFT PULL" to confirm it. Out of respect for your time and ours, we need to ensure that your Credit score qualifies.
Whether or not you qualify for Solarize to Economize, I will pay you a Referral Fee for every referred person who successfully applies for our Solar Program. Please state the person's Name, Address and Telephone number. I will do the rest. There are 5 tiers of Referral payments as follows. Your 1st Five Referrals - $300 each after installation Your 2nd Five Referrals - $500 each after installation Your 3rd Five Referrals - $750 each after installation Your 4th Five Referrals - $1000 each after installation Your 5th Five Referrals - $1250 each after installation
You can fast track the process of solarizing your home by sending copies (pictures) of 2 or 3 of your most recent elecytricity bills to Sending the bills now is not a requiremnt, but you will need to send them later in order to move your application forward.. In the next field, please indicate whether you have chosen to send the bills at the time of submiting this form.
After the initial screening is completed, it will be necessary for us to contact you again. If all goes well, as is expected, we will be requesting copies of your last two or three electricity bills, if you have not as yet submitted them. Our experts will evaluate the information on our bills so that we can provide you with the best recommendations regarding the optimal size of your new Solar system. You on the other hand may contact me at any time.
Depending on the capacity of youir new solar investment, and whether or not you were referred to us, we will donate a minimum of $200 to your designated, approved charity. We will do so in your name, and on your behalf. Whatever expression of appreciation, if any, will be sent to you.